The KCA’s Planning Committee reviewed construction plans for the Broadfoot Duplex, a 2-unit, 2-story residential building, designed for the occupancy by two families living independently of each other (“Duplex”).  The layout of the duplex will include two (2) separate floor units (i.e. first and second floors) to be located above a shared basement area.  The shared basement will be constructed partially below grade, and will have an enclosed area of approximately 1,857 sf.  The basement will include two (2) single car assigned parking garages, separate rooms for laundry facilities, mechanical equipment, and storage.  Two (2) additional uncovered paved Parking Stalls are provided (total of 4 on-site stalls)

The enclosed living area for the first floor unit and second floor unit will include approximately 1,720 sq. ft. and 1,738 sq. ft, respectively.  Each floor unit will cosist of three bedrooms, two baths, living-dining area, and kitchen.

Please provide your thoughts about the project below for the committee’s consideration.

Project Documents:

Broadfoot Architectural Plans

Broadfoot Landscape Site Plan

Broadfoot Background Exhibits

Project Conditional Recommendation:

Broadfoot Conditional Recommendation Rev 1