The original impetus for this committee’s creation was the County’s plan to chop down what has now become the Monkey Pod Quartet in front of the Schooner Resort on SKR. It is generally considered this action was stopped by the community’s outcry, at least for almost a year.

Several months ago  Street Tree committee member Marilyn Colvin, with commiittee support, began the process of having the trees declared exceptional by county government, and through her dilligence, the measure for this action is awaiting a public hearing by the Council’s  Economic Development, Agriculture and Recreation  Committee, chaired by Mike White. In a recent appeal Marilyn requested Councilman White to schedule such a hearing before his committe, and received the following positive response.

Aloha Marilyn,
Mahalo for your e-mail. I will certainly try to get this on my Economic Development, Agricultural, and Recreation Committee agenda as soon as possible and I will let you know when we are planning to take up this issue. You can also sign up for e-mail notifications of my committee agendas by going to: and going to the calendar notification section.
I know that you have been working hard to push this issue forward and I applaud your efforts.
Thank you again for your concern.

Mike White

Council Member

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