Meeting this afternoon with “new players” looks for direction for the future of the huge plot mauka of highway

2/2/18 #kihei
KCA was invited, along with South Maui Citizens For Responsible Growth, (SMCRG) Maui Tomorrow (MT) and the Kula Makai Aha Moku to meet with representatives of Koa Partners of Dallas, Texas. 

CEO Harry Lake and VP Jhevasse Mitchell met with the small group to introduce themselves and their firm and talk about potential uses for the land. It is our understanding that landowner Sarofim asked them to look at the situation and speak with community groups as a way to go forward after they were stopped cold by the unanimous State LUC decision last fall.

Individually and collectively, each of the Maui non-profits offered some history of the decades-long process, right up to the last LUC meeting. We offered what we saw as potential practical land uses that would be beneficial to our South Maui Community. One potential use suggested was environmentally friendly affordable housing, especially rentals.

The two gentlemen were heading back home to Dallas for the weekend after several days on Maui. We expect there to be future communications. As always, stay tuned.