What’s being paved here in Kihei?- Nothing, & here’s why.

While KCA has requested that if the North South Collector Rd is not being extended for years, why not at least lay down a blacktop strip in sections as a rough bike path to extend the established one along Liloa behind Safeway? This week, we discovered these large mounds of paving material in the corridor just north of Waipuilani? Could this be what we think? Stay tuned.



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4 Responses to “What’s being paved here in Kihei?- Nothing, & here’s why.”

  1. jb97034@me.com March 10, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Is there ANYONE in government allowed to inform citizens? Sheesh! Why is everything so secret? Do we have to wait for surprise announcements after the fact? We have only lived here for two years but this is all so interesting.

    Kinda like the SURPRISE outlet mall that our representative says is a done deal …

  2. Good idea!

  3. This section of dirt and washboard rock should have been finished years ago when we were all shown that wonderful plan of bike paths that never got built. I find it so amazing that in our beautiful walking and bike friendly weather we have no safe biking other than going to Kahului. I would love to feel I could bike to the stores, ride with my grandkids but only option is So Kihei Rd or the Hwy, but I value my life and theirs more than that.

  4. Mahalo for the comment, Shirley. KCA continues to advocate for a walkable, bikeable community, and agrees with your conclusions. Our undestanding from DPW Director Goode is the new bike way which ends at Lipoa will be extended to the new park going southward, using funds in the current fiscal budget allocated for bike projects in Kihei ($150.K). KCA requested for at least double that amount in the new budget, which is being considered right now by County Council, and request citizens to push for approval.