Pam Pogue, Planning Program Manager at County Water Department, had a challenging evening at University of Hawaii at Maui College on Tuesday (11/13/12) evening. After a pleasant introduction by Maui Tomorrow Executive Director Irene Bowie to explain her department’s water plan, under the watchful eye of Director Dave Taylor,  it became obvious the the Menehunes had invaded the computer, decimating the well planned power point slide show. But Pam perserved very professionally, as she “winged it,”

However, when the next segment of audience questions about the plan commenced, the meeting deteriorated into a series of diatribes from individuasl strongly questioning the authority of county and state governments to do any action concerning water, challanging the

authority of all western stlye governments to exist in Hawaii.

We were out of time, so we could not learn if any more information was offered on the County Water Use Plan, but there are expected to be numerous more meeings, including at least one in Kihei.