UPDATE (11/1/12) Last bus shelter at Ohukai and So. Kihei Rd is now under construction.




Update (10/25/12) The third bus shelter on So. Kihei road began construction Thursday Oct 25, south  of Ohukai . Again, will Maui Bus  pull past shelter, to turn off, or stop directly at shelter and watch vehicles back up.


10/13/12  Added pictures of what seems to be final modification to the two shelters at Uwapo.  Nothing happening  as of today at Ohukai.

Since we last commented (7/28/12) ? https://www.gokihei.org/news/maui-bus-shelter-construction-on-skr on the four bus shelters for N. Kihei, two under construction along So Kihei Rd in No Kihei ?at Uwapo corner & two proposed at Ohukai, ? the two basic shelters are in place but not yet “open,” as have been incomplete. However, we have noted progress this week (10/4/12,) as roof, seats and bicycle racks are now being installed. While the Association is pleased and appreciative of this progress, we still are disappointed on placement of two stops on Northbound side, which require buses to block traffic.