6/29/2023 #kihei #sediment #mudflood

Who: Maui Nui Marine Resource Council project funded by NFWF, in partnership with Kaonoulu Ranch.
What: project to remove ~ 1200 cu yd of excess sediment accumulated in Kūlanihākoʻi gulch above the highway.

When: anticipated for early July 2023, contractor work lasting 12 weeks

Why: fine sediment in streams and gulches moves downstream when it rains negatively impacting our coastal waters
and the corals and fish that need clean water to thrive.

Other benefits: flooding reduction in North Kihei by restoring some capacity in the channel.

Where: an approximately 1000ft stretch of gulch above the highway, 2535ft wide, top layer where fines are

Permits: DLNR CWRM & US Army Corps do not require for maintenance activities performed as specified in this project;
maintenance activities are about the SMA. Conservation Plan updated and filed with NRCS for stabilization of soil on
Primary contact: Amy Hodges, amy@mauireefs.org
Outreach support: Tova Callender, tova@westmauiR2R.com

Orange box shows area where gulch maintenance will take place.  Removed sediment will be spread on ranch lands, planted with forage seed and watered to reestablish vegetated cover.  Follow the link below to zoom in.


April 2022 – clearance under hwy bridge Jan. 2023 shows barely able to walk under with ~30 less headroom
Kūlanihāko‘i Gulch looking mauka after January 2023 storm. So much sediment accumulated the fence posts are buried. Clear layers of deposited material. The red layer has silt and clay which is most damaging to coral.
Kūlanihāko‘i Gulch flowing into  ocean January 27, 2023.
Health reefs (August 2022) just offshore of the stream mouth show why it is critical to remove as much accumulated sediment as possible is from the gulch. Coral needs clean, clear, low nutrient water to thrive.

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