UPDATE: 11/6/13  With about eighty attendees in the cavernous Maui Waena School facility in Kahului, KCA President Mike Moran joined 54 other testifiers before the DCCA concerning the cable companies request for a renewal of their license to be Maui County’s  cable TV provider for the next twenty years. The proposed contract is in the www.akaku.org  website. We observed Maui News, Maui Weekly and Maui TV News journalists in the room, as well as Akaku Community TV, so will be lots of professional reports of the meeting.

The Association believes our community should be aware that the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) http://cca.hawaii.gov/ , whose director advises the state agency’s ,job is  “to promote a strong and healthy business environment while protecting the community from unfair and deceptive business practices.” is conducting public comment meetings concerning our County’s cable company , Oceanic Time Warner (OTW) Cable.

Maui’s meeting is this Wednesday November 6 starting at 5:30 PM in Kahului at Maui Waena Intermediate school at 795 Onehee Av.. Since much of South Maui uses at least some segment of this technology for television, Internet access and Internet telephone service, and many all three bundled together, this is your opportunity to give your opinion of this service.

OTW has applied to renew its contract to deliver cable service to us for the next TWENTY YEARS. Whatever your opinion, now is your chance to comment.

Written testimony (comments) may be submitted in writing to cabletv@dcca.hawaii.gov or postal to DCCA-CATV P O Box 541 Honolulu, HI 96809

You may choose to view www.akaku.org for Akaku Maui Community Television’s opinion and suggestions