South Maui CPAC 6/21/2023 – Honua‘ula / Wailea 670

South Maui CPAC 6/21/2023 – Honua‘ula / Wailea 670


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Wednesday, June 21, 5:30 pm
Lokelani Intermediate School
The South Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee

The committee will review and make decisions on the Planning Department’s proposal for the land use designations for Honua‘ula / Wailea 670. It will also review the land use designations made so far, the subarea descriptions and a list of parcels in the 3.2′ sea level rise hazard area for potential assignment as open space.

Watch in person at the Lokelani Intermediate School.

There will be an opportunity for oral testimony before each item. Written testimony is encouraged; send it to and cc the CPAC chair at, if possible by Monday, June 19.

Honua’ula/Wailea 670 Land Use Designations

From the Planning Department

Updated Department Recommended Map | Wailea

Areas of Change | Honua’ula


Lucienne de Naie_Subarea 4 | Wailea

Dean Frampton_Subarea 4 (Wailea)

Dean Frampton_Testimony

Dean Frampton_Exhibit A_Honua’ula Maui County Ordinance No. 3553 (marked)

Dean Frampton_Exhibit B_Honua’ula Maui County Ordinance No. 4845

Dean Frampton_Exhibit C_Honua’ula Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Decision and Order

Dean Frampton_Exhibit D_Honua’ula Partners Draft Map

Albert Perez_Honua’ula/Wailea 670

Review of Adopted Land Use Designations

From the Planning Department

CPAC Recommended Land Use Designations (as of 6/15/23)

Land Use Designations By the CPAC


Ann Wallace_Wailea open space

Robert Werner_Wailea open space

Sandra Morey_Wailea open space

Sarah Biggs_Wailea open space

Eva Roberts_Wailea open space

Text of Subarea Descriptions, Sections 3.3 – 3.5

From the Planning Department

Section 3.3 | Community Plan Map and Subareas (Text Only)

Section 3.4 | Areas of Change (Text Only)

Section 3.5 | Areas of Stability (Text Only)


Ka’onohi Lee_Section 3.3 Text

Parcels affected by 3.2′ sea level rise

From the Planning Department

Parcels affected by 3.2 SLR-XA

From the CPAC Members

Tova – Parcels in SLRXA for proposed open space designation

Proposed parcels in SLRXA for open space

Interactive map of proposed parcels in SLRXA for open space

Other Committee business


Robin Knox_Other Committee Business

Kelly Takaya King_Other Committee Business


The schedule for the remaining meetings is here.

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