How often do we hear the refrain before an upcoming election from those dissatisfied with the current government say, “Vote them all out!” Will this help the situation if you are not welcoming someone who can do better? On Tuesday, 7/15/14 we offered our members and guests the opportunity to hear from “ the new guys” running for various elected positions to clarify if they wanted to vote for change in three positions or continue with status quo.

KCA had the 3 challengers for So. Maui County Council, John Fitzpatrick, Robin Knox and Jerome Metcalfe. On the State level it was Terez Amato for Senate and Marie Minichino for House for the Aug 9.primary election. After each offered their presentations, our audience had the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates. It appeared they all generated much interest. KCA strongly encourages all members of our community to vote in every race by their political party in the August 9 Primary Election.

As part of the community announcements, President Mike Moran offered an update concerning the Pi’ilani Promenade, aka mega malls. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), which is the the next phase in the process .would be forthcoming soon, and your Association will closely examine it. This progresses to the August 19 meeting presentation, which will focus on an historical analysis of the Ka’ono’ulu area, the project location, by a team led by Lucienne de’ Naie. The meeting will conclude with an update on the project from former KCA Board VP, Mark Hyde, currently President of “South Maui Citizens for Responsible Growth.”