Energized by a vibrant presentation by the Grow Some Good group at Tuesday evenings (3/20/12) Community Meeting, and armed with numerous ways to begin various types of vegetable gardens in our area, about eighty attendees went home with ready to plant garden starts, as well as a wealth of  knowledge on how to successfully begin a home garden, or work with others for community and school gardens.

Before the meeting even began, members were learning while tasting garden results offered by the “Grow Some Good,” group. Did anyone not love those green smoothies?

Following opening announcements on updates on street trees and mauka mega malls,  guests Kirk Surry, Kathy Becklin, Nio Kindla and new partner Kerry O’Bryan Wilkens offered a visual presentation on types of vegetable gardens, countless tips on all aspects of gardening, including not only best tools for numerous aspects, but most economical ways to obtain them.The talented quartet offered a well organized “tag team” approach to retain the rapt attention of the audience, and kept our volunteer tech team busy with camera angles & supplemental lighting.

Before terminating the busy meeting, the audience inquiries addressed both general and specific concerns. One suggestion offered was to get bills passed in the State Legislature to allow fresh grown produce at school gardens can be included in the schools lunch programs (presently they can NOT.) Two such bills are

HB2093 – proposing a 2-year pilot program;two-year pilot project at one high school campus in each county to determine the steps necessary for a school farm to be food safety certified by the Department of Agriculture. Just this week, the Senate Ag Committee and Higher Education passed 2093 with no negative votes, but with some amendments.
HB198 HD2 – would authorize schools to grow food in school gardens for consumption in the school lunch program as long as the food used is inspected and certified as safe by the Department of Agriculture. Effective July 1, 2030 (HB198 HD2). Last year, the bill was deferred by two committees, but carried over to the 2012 Regular Session.

Moderator Steve Cordoba offered the closing announcements, including the April  17 meeting topic on the important Maui Island Plan, as the community members descended on the huge and varied assortment of free plants to take home & get the gardens growing with fresh nourishing produce.

See www.growsomegood.org


The April 17 meeting will focus on a status update of the Maui Island Plan and its likley effect on South Maui.