5/10/2017 #kihei #lokelanischool


A new 1300 sq. ft. mural is about to illuminate the front of Lokelani Intermediate School.

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii – (May 10, 2017): A momentous community service project undertaken by two seventh graders, Lily Oldham and Austin Ruppenthal is currently underway. With the approval of their Student Council Advisor, Cathy Fitzpatrick and Interim Principal, Francoise Wittenburg, the pair collaborated with local Maui artist, JoNerZ (Jonathan Baldwin,) to create a large-scale mural to liven and beautify the front of their school. A Community Paint Party is scheduled for Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 5:30 pm and completion/unveiling is expected on the first day of school, August 7, 2017.

“This mural installation spearheaded by Lily and Austin truly fulfills the key components of our Student Council Program; they organized meetings, drafted letters, and reached out to the community seeking supplies and donations, I am so proud.” said Cathy Fitzpatrick, Student Council Coordinator.  

“It’s really exciting working on this project and seeing the whole school, parents, and local businesses support us. We are so lucky to be working with JoNerZ, I screamed out loud when he agreed to help us and again when the first donation came in from Goodfellows,” said Lily Oldham. “This mural has made coming to school more exciting for everyone. I can’t wait to see what’s been added or completed when I come in each day,” said Austin Ruppenthal.   

Internationally known Kihei artist, and father of three, JoNerZ is donating his time and skills to lead this project. The inspiration is centered around the namesake of the school, Lokelani and evolved into themes that honors a rite of passage for the students and the guiding principles of their educators. “I hope it brings joy and awe to each student and helps them to responsibly dream big as they take their journey into being bright eyed young adults,” said JoNerZ.

To volunteer or donate please email: hue.oldham@gmail.com.

About the Artist

The artist unique style celebrates the everyday life of sand and surf and elevates it to a level of fine art.  How appropriate that he calls his style as “New School Pop Surrealism.”  His style mixes a wide eyed female figure with surf art, pop surrealism, street art and a little animation all with influences of the Maui landscape.  For more information about the artist visit: www.jonerzart.com

About the Mural

The mural depicts the journey of the Lokelani Wave Riders through the changing yet rewarding waters of intermediate school. Lokelani is symbolized by the bright-eyed girl in the ocean, excitedly looking forward to the future of her travelers. The Lokelani flower (meaning Heavenly Rose) rests in her hair as she rests under the stars (symbolizing the guiding lights of the teachers) and the phases of the moon (representing the passing of time and fresh starts).

The Wave Riders begin their journey as a team of young travelers (Double hulled Hawaiian Canoe) as they sail through the three sets of waves (6th, 7th, 8th grades). They emerge on the other side of their adventure as strong and more independent individuals (single hulled canoe) ready for a new journey with the two dolphins as a playful reminder to enjoy the ride!

About Lokelani Intermediate School Lokelani’s vision is to enrich the heart, mind and spirit and to meet the unique developmental and learning needs of students. Students participate in a variety of activities such as the Spelling Bee, VEX tournaments, STEM challenges, Math Counts, robotics, band and uku?lele concerts, and a variety of mathematics, writing, art and language arts contests. The school has an active Student Council. The goal for Lokelani Intermediate is to continue to maintain a safe and secure campus where respect and kindness are the norm.

Lokelani Intermediate School is located at 1401 Liloa Drive, Kihei, Hawaii 96753. For more information, call (808) 875-6800.