That is, Maui County Department of Public Works (DPW) Director David Goode and Sonny Vick of Sonny Vick’s Paving and Construction for the installation of three speed tables along Ohukai Road between Kenolio and Kaiola yesterday (2/18/14) morning. For at least a decade residents of the north Kihei neighborhood makai of the highway have beseeched the department for traffic calming devices, while imploring MPD to monitor and enforce the 20 MPH limit, which they have done when possible.

With limited and sporadic sidewalks on alternating sides of the street, it has long been a challenge for pedestrians, but this century as the Kihei Charter High School located just off Ohukai mauka of the highway, coupled with the start and growth of the Maui Bus system routed along SKR, the pedestrian traffic increased considerably along the motor vehicles on this roadway. Thus over the years the need was greater, so good this first step (or 3 steps) are in place.

Now the work crew has moved on to install speed tables on  Kaiwahine St in the north, and Kanani and Auhana Roads on the South side. Look for the flagman and slow down.

Now about those sidewalks…….