The lengthy legal process conducted by the State Land Use Commission (LUC) reached a plateau, if not a termination, this morning (2/7/13) as the commissioners voted 6-3 with those stating Eclipse Developers were not in compliance with LUC’s order at this contested location mauka Pi’i lani Hgy at Kaonoulu Rd in North Kihei. The Haleakkala Room at the Airport Courtyard in Kahului was literally overflowing before LUC Chair Kyle Chock called the meeting to order, but when the commissioners voted 6-3 in favor of the interveners that Eclipse development & Honua’llua were not in compliance, more than half had already departed.

IMG_2466.JPGKCA offers our thanks to the Commissioners for their valued volunteer service to our community and their diligence in evaluating this  dispute. Now our community will await the next decision of the LUC of what action will be taken as a result of today’s decision. See reports in the Maui Weekly and Maui News.–95-conditions—LUC.html?nav=10