This Monday (10/15/12) at 1:30 PM in Council Chambers on the eighth floor of the Kalana O Maui Building at 200 High St., the Council’s General Plan Committee will accept public testimony on the Maui Island Plan. We encourage you to offer your opinion on how you want to see our area, as included in the Kihei-Makena Community Plan, to develop in the next few decades. Specific proposals will affect Makena Resort, Maui R & T Park in Kihei at Lipoa Parkway and Pulehunui Complex (Puunene). KCA will offer testimony based on community input received over past few years, but individual Association members, and residents should also express their personal views. Please support the KCA letter asking the General Plan Committee to reconsider the vote to add 390 acres to Makena Resort. We believe they already have a very fair share of land to develop (over 2000 units) over the next 20 years and we need to see how they keep the promises made with that land, before more is added.

KCA recommends the Directed Growth map (S-3) that creates a 68 acre preserve area at the south end of the Makena Resort lands to protect native plants, cultural sites and the coastal lands and waters of Makena State Park and the Natural Area Reserve from additional development impacts be adopted by this Committee.

If you cannot attend you can submit written testimony by email to

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