Kihei Drainage Plan – Will it resolve our flooding and runoff problems?

Have you seen this proposed plan? It is right here to read

6/6/2017 #kihei

The Maui Department of Public Works and Engineering Management (DPW) has at long last published a “pre-final report” for the “Kihei Drainage Master Plan, Waiakoa Gulch to Kilohana Drive”. The report is dated November 2016 but KCA received a copy on May 16, 2017 from DPW head David Goode during his presentation on DPW projects at the KCA public meeting that day.

This is an extensive document but it is intended to provide a roadmap for long-term fixes to the problems with flooding in Kihei and with runoff into the ocean. Would the proposed measures protect our streets and properties from a 100-year storm? Would they keep polluting runoff from harming our reefs and ocean? Will the County commit the (very large) funds required to implement the proposals?

KCA’s Planning Committee and Board will be scrutinizing the proposals in the months to come but they really need YOUR input. Please take a look at the document below, perhaps starting with the sections involving protection for your own part of town.



or download it to your computer.


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2 Responses to “Kihei Drainage Plan – Will it resolve our flooding and runoff problems?”

  1. Is that a pump that was installed over the last few days on South Kihei Road fronting the drainage ditch near Kalanihakoi St?

  2. We have not seen it, but it would have no relationship to this plan, which is not even finalized yet. If it is colored purple, it might be related to R-1 extension project going mauka on Kulanihakoi>