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This Wednesday afternoon, (6/17/15) we submitted testimony to Chair Bob Carroll and his Land Use Committee on what probably is Kihei’s largest project, the long established Research and Technology Park(R&T) located mauka on the Pi’ilani Hwy on Lipoa.

At beginning of this decade R & T expressed to KCA that the long term plan to grow this park with many more of similar existing facilities, in spite of exhaustive efforts was not progressing, so they had to change the plans in another direction, which would required several land use changes thorough State & County government. They have achieved some of those changes and this meeting’s purpose was to take more steps in that direction. They want to amend the Community Plan and make land use changes for over 406 thousand acres and be able to build 1250 homes. It is our understanding that in reality this can actually total nearly 1600 homes with required “affordable s” are included. In addition they will continue to add commercial business as well Part of the growth at the park is the planned Kihei Charter High School, expecting to break ground this year, & KCA is a long term supporter of the Charter Schools.

While their stated admirable intent is for a work-live community, and new residents will be able to work at the park, there seems to be community consensus that was only have partial success.

Our testimony concerned the continuing expanding group of a variety of projects in S Maui that gain government approval, there is no corresponding infrastructure. Where are the N-S roads to accompany 3000 motor vehicles from the new homes, and more from the school and commercial entities? How about water sources?

At conclusion the Committee postponed any decision pending a closer examination of theses and other concerns, although it is expected the requested changes will be approved.

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