While it may have lacked the overflow crowd (more non-members than members), the drama, the huge media presence beyond Maui and more from the last time KCA invited the Police Department to our general membership meeting last year, last evening’s (1/20/15) community meeting greeting the new Chief and his team did allow time for residents of our area (and beyond) a reasonable opportunity to voice their concerns.

Beginning at 6:30 with a lot of announcements – which are addressed below in other posts- Chief Tivoli “Tivo” Faaumu was quickly introduced by returning KCA President Mike Moran so he and his team could offer presentations on various aspects of the department to a very attentive audience.

After introducing his team scattered around the room, the Chief introduced Lt. William Gannon who was representing the Kihei Commander Capt. Orikasa., who was on vacation, offering a informative power point presentation.

A wide variety of concerns expanding on the department’s issues addresses and beyond provided a lively but orderly discussion

While no elected officials attended, Adrienne Nalette (Don Couch) and Jo Ann Inamatsu (Roz Baker) were front row representation for those officials who were not available that evening.

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The closing announcements provided by Treasurer and much more Patricia Stillwell informed on the 2/17 meeting with guest David Goode, the County Public Works Department Director, who is expected to discuss what we  can expect in next four years for the Collector Road 

Beyond that the 2014 KCA Wiliwili Warrior Award will be presented then as well.



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