County Economic Development office addresses “Fourth Friday in Kihei”

Last evening (9/19/12) Coordinator Teena Rasmusson of the Mayor’s Office of Economic development and staff offered a presentation to the S. Maui Community concerning a proposal to explore possibility or a “Fourth Friday” community party in Kihei, in place of the failed effort at Pai’a of the Fourth Friday of each month, but seemingly having success in Wailuku with their “First Friday’s.” Commencing at 5:00 PM at the Kihei Charter School, a crowd of about 50 listened and questioned on a variety of topics, such as when it might start?   December 28. Where may it be located?   Some business pushed for the area around the Charter School, where the meeting took place, but nothing set.Potential effects?  – Closing a portion of S Kihei Road for 3 hours on designated Friday evenings.

As we arrived late to the meeting, we were unable to capture all the details, but when Tena asked if there was anyone in room who was not complely in favor of this, we said KCA could not commit at this point, as we had no specifics, & our BOD had not even discussed it. The meeting concluded with a decision to form a committee to begin formulating plans

Look for a more detailed report in an upcoming edition of the Maui Weekly.

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3 Responses to “County Economic Development office addresses “Fourth Friday in Kihei””

  1. Great News for Kihei!!!

  2. With the closing of portions of S. Kihei Road for three hours, will residents along this portion of the roadway still have access to their homes?

    Additionally, the Maui News reported that, “the Paia merchants said they were tired of running the party financially and physically on their own.” Are the business owners in Kihei aware of the costs (such as paying for off-duty police officers) they will have to bear for the hosting this event?

  3. Unmani Cynthia Groves October 5, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    FUTURE KIHEI town parties:
    While the Kruasz Cos. Kihei Town Center Project at the Roundabout at Pi’ikea and Liloa behind Safeway Shopping Center is not yet built and MOST PEOPLE DON”T KNOW ABOUT THIS AWESOME PROJECT WHICH IS IN THE PLANNING DEPT OR remember it was presented at KCA with a very favorable response a couple of years ago, the Krausz project developers have specifically designed their project to close off streets in their project for such events as Farmers Markets AND TOWN PARTIES as part of creating a sense of place and character at the heart and center of Kihei. This is NOT in the Eclipse Project in N. Kihei. Wherever we do a town party prior to that project being built, I am envisioning and supportive of the future of town parties in the Krausz project as its potential monthly event.