IMG_0342IMG_1287Those who keep up with this website have read a series of info pieces the last month or so about La’ie Wetlands, makai SKR and the creatures who live there.:  AND

        Here is an opportunity to get involved. This is not a KCA event, but sponsored by our friends at Malama Maui Nui and Aloha Aku Inn & Suites


to do something about the challenge affecting the ducks as we have recently reported.

Yes, Malama Maui Nui (MMN)was formerly called Community Work Day (for how long do we have to say that??) and this is a work day (just morning, actually), and once again volunteers and a nearby business quickly step up, where governments fear to tread.

After a score of waterfowl have been found dead, quick action is needed to save the remainder, so these guys are joining forces and looking for volunteers to help this Saturday (4/23/16) morning, starting at 8:00 AM   877-2524