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After opening announcement, Tuesday evening (5/17/16) four KCA directors offered very brief comments on their respective specialties to support the overall organization effort. Next followed long time KCA supporter Dick Mayor offering a power point presentation on South Maui proposed residential and commercial development projects to a full house with several standees.

<Remember our area is the South Maui District from the south edge of Makena northward to the Animal Shelter in Puunene,over to Maalaea and up to the Pali tunnel >

He explained the various stages of the named development from under-construction, nearing completion, all approved but not built or simply proposed. Projects described ranged from the Downtown Kihei, Pi’ilani Promenade (Mega Malls) Honua’ula (Wailea 670), several A & B projects, R & T Park, Makena Resort, and Maui Lu. Several smaller ones were not included by name, but of course all have some effect in the overall need for matching infrastructure as required by our community plan.

As always this is a community meeting so the concluding portion was questions from the audience from several concerned residents. KCA closed out by asking the audience for a show of hands of who believed that our infrastructure was NOT keeping up with development. As far as we could discern, every hand of well over 120 concerned attentive residents went up. We asked the converse, and observed no hands at all. Our hope is County government sees and reacts to the Community’s call.

Our closing announcement concerned the July 19 meeting for a South Maui Candidates’ forum which specified that we will explore the State Representative for Dist 11, the greater portion of South Maui and the County Council’s So Maui residency member. Mark that one on you calendar and keep checking this site for updates.