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Director David Goode; Wiliwili Warrior Award ;Grow Some Good.

From Good to Goode, an audience of more than eighty guys showed strong interest and concern in the General Membership meeting this week.

After a few brief announcements, the marvelous “Grow Some Good” team kicked off the meeting with a attention grabbing short video reminding attendees what they do for our community and now extending over much of the island, SEE:

Their fundraising event is next Saturday, 3/7/15 at 5:00 PM at Hotel Wailea. As one perceptive individual observer stated, they are changing a generation for the better.

Next the KCA 2014 Wiliwili Warrior award was bestowed on a gracious and grateful KCA member, Mark Hyde. He was presented with a plaque and a real live Wiliwili sapling.

The main portion of the meeting then unfolded with Public Works Director David Goode’s power point presentation concerning many community concerns handled by his County Department, ranging from potential segments of the North-South Collector Road to the Drainage Master Plan. See several visuals capturing much of his presentation..Numerous posts on this site cover much information on many of the issues he updated for us

The 3/17/15 “Green Meeting ,”.will examine many aspects of the condition of our coral reef system and the near shore water quality. A free “coral reef etiquette” poster will be available to early attendees, as quantity is limited..

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