11/21/18 #kihei
For those  who were present at St Teresa’s for this final meeting of the year, most would agree it was certainly educational, even though we did make some last minute adjustments. While some segments did go according to the original plan with the presentation by Department of Education Complex Area Superintendent Kathleen Dimono, coordinated with updates from Zack Gonzales of Goodfellow Brothers  on the current construction work on their high school in Kihei, we also heard from Gene Zarro on the existing brand new Charter School on Lipoa Parkway. While we thank Ms Dimono for seeking to talk to our community to open the meeting, the community expressed disappointment in her response to questions on issues of local concern, particularly on if there will be an underpass or overpass for the high school students to safely cross the highway when the school opens. She did offer to return in the future.

Before welcoming the next guest , the membership voted in the slate of 16 directors for the 2019 board talking office at the first meeting in January. It included reelection of the current 14 plus two new directors: Lee Myrick and Jim Murch.

The 2018 KCA Wiliwili Warrior award was presented to  long time friend Dick Mayer, who offered some South Maui historical planned developments going back to the Maalaea airport up to the Megamall that did not happen in this decade. Dick received a long, loud, sustained applause upon his conclusion. An outline of his presentation is here.

Finally, not announced but most welcome, County Council Member Kelly King offered an update on the legal modifications to be addressed at  the following day’s Planning Committee, which she chairs.

This was the community plan amendment and conditional use permit  for adjoining businesses Sarento’s Restaurant and the small hotel next door.The greatest community concern expressed by far was what happens to the gravel parking lot currently shared by the business employees and public beach goers. The parking lot will not be paved. Council Member King conveyed that the public will have 60% of the parking spot instead of 51%, and that there will be enforcement. Some in the audience were concerned that the result would be parking spots that are too small. As for the community plan amendment for the hotel lot from “residential” to “hotel”, this would make it consistent with its zoning as “hotel” and also with its actual use as a hotel. King has proposed a condition that would prevent the hotel from being expanded.

The next KCA public meeting will be January 15, 2019.