County Government Officials Show Very Strong Presence at Our Green Meeting

3/25/17  #kihei  It  has been a very long time (maybe never?) since we had three Council members attend a general membership meeting (excepting candidate forums)  as we did Tuesday evening (3/21/17), then coupled with with three County Long-Range planners and a mayor’s executive assistant. The expectation of valued information offered by our presenters, Dr Amanda Cording over from Oahu just for our meeting addressing her specialty – low impact development (LID) – and Maui organic farmer  Vincent Mina addressing regenerative agriculture, there is a potential for great information transfer to multiple County government segments (in addition to the community attending the meeting).

We were honored by members Bob Carroll, Kelly King and Yuki Lei Sugimura  present  to observe our guests. Additionally, frequent attendee Mayor’s EA John Buck had his usual seat in the rear corner, but he was the thorn among the roses from long range planning, Annie Alvarado,   Tiffany Bostwick  and Jen Maden.  

Vince has entertained and informed KCA previously, and again had members laughing and learning about his extraordinarily efficient farm in Kahului, including a video, and the  history of the Farmers’ union  (HFUU) over which he presides. Among so much else he demonstrates that such efficient use and care of the ‘aina in his manner could provide enough food for our population and more if replicated.

Amanda, of Ecosolutions,  (Pacific Office)  followed with an extensive powerpoint presentation, addressing a wide spectrum and sound board of specifics that incorporate LID and more. Wastewater and stormwater and swimming pools; renewable energy, landscaping (in a yard or on a roof), engineering and construction were all addressed. With these smart design approaches, we could use more rain water and gray water to irrigate our yards and parks instead of it carrying runoff into the ocean.

The one downside was the  sporadic technical failure of our four wireless microphone system with installed speakers, inhibiting the communication.

We are in need of a skilled volunteer to set up and operate the system at these meetings, as we are currently limited to one volunteer with the capability, and if he can’t make a meeting (like this one) we stumble. Could YOU do this? Do you know someone who could? Please call or email us
Phone: (508) 499-9996
Write:  Kihei Community Association
P.O. Box 662  Kihei, HI 96753

Next meeting is May 16 featuring Department of Public Works Director David Goode talking South Maui Transportation and stormwater.



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2 Responses to “County Government Officials Show Very Strong Presence at Our Green Meeting”

  1. Kelly King was also in attendance and shared some valuable information. Not sure why that was missed, although she did show up after the meeting began.
    Amanda of Ecosolutions gave a very inspiring presentation and I hope all the county officials in attendance follow up with her on the wonderful new solutions for flooding issues and run-off as Kihei really needs some help in that area.

  2. Mahalo Miranda. We firmly agree with you concluding sentence , but respectively suggest you go back & read the verbiage, “We were honored by members Bob Carroll, Kelly King and Yuki Lei Sugimura” She was up the road at the County Dept of Planning” meeting for its first hour and then made most of ours and indeed did share some valuable information.