After an opening announcement on DLNR’s upcoming clean up at Makena (see website calendar,) the meeting kicked off with an informative power point presentation by Wilson Okamoto Corp. concerning the proposed design of the new Maui County Jail at Puunene. Then Councilwomen Jo Anne Johnson explained the Council’s proposed alcohol consumption ban at Charlie Young Beach, followed by an opposing point of view presented by citizen Jake Jocobus ,which offered the community an opportunity to express our opinions on the proposed ban, before the final Council vote set for 8/25 an 9 AM at the County building.

The final segment was a community inquiry from Councilman Wayne Nishiki concerning a ban of cigarette smoking on County beaches, again allowing the association members to express opinions on proposed changes.

A detailed professional recap of the meeting is scheduled to appear in next week’s Maui Weekly.

The September 15 meeting will address sand dune restoration’s importance to Kihei’s well being. Maui food bank donations are encouraged. Mahalo.