According to the article in  this morning’s (7/27/13) Maui News, after announcing on 7/23/13 that a short segment of South Kihei Road (SKR) would run only northbound, due to the weakened  century old box culvert crossing near the Whale Sanctuary and Ka’ono’ulu until major construction could be achieved, we are very pleased that the county administration has found a better solution at this time. KCA had received several inquiries since our post on 7/23/13  , which we directed to the County for answers and explanation.  According to the article,—but-slow-down.html?nav=10 , investigation has determined that reinforcement of the structure, coupled with slowed motor vehicle speeds, can keep the crossing safe for all vehicles, including largo trucks and busses, which takes in the new double decked Maui Bus.  The posted speed limit on SKR varies between 20 and 30 MPH.  (Photos below 8/29/31)

KCA is also pleased to see that federal funding will be used for some part of the overall projected  expense, since there had been some question if funding from the FHWA division of the federal DOT was available for the Kihei area. We have been able to track and offer input for  this project through the cooperation of Wilson Okomoto’s Milton Arakawa, as well as county DPW Director David Goode, via our Planning Committee and this month’s public community meeting.