Lifeguard towers 14A and 14B are now assembled and on Big Beach. 14A is near the north parking lot and 14B near the south parking lot. The blessing for the towers will be at 10:00 on May 8 at the site. There will be a jet ski housed at the site for use by the lifeguards. All water emergencies are handled by the 911 system and the emergency operators contact the guards and Fire and Rescue when contacted. Cell phone service is spotty in the area but the radio’s used by the emergency responders is functional. This service is a cooperative effort between State and County. The site is a State Park but the lifeguard service is offered by the County.

The KCA has been a very strong partner of the Ocean Safety Officers and the Maui Parks Dept. to encourage lifeguard service in Makena. This has been a multi-year effort complicated by the fact that the State and County had to work together to make it a reality. Prior to this service Ocean Safety Officers from Kihei had to travel either by water or roadway to reach the site of water emergencies in the Makena area. Makena Big Beach will also be the home base for JS 14, a jet ski located on site.”