The gulch mauka of the Pi’ilani Highway in area of North-South Collector Road Corridor, between Ka’ono’ulu and Kulanihakoi, flared up about 1:00 PM this afternoon (4/16/14), bringing MFD from Kihei and Wailea stations, as well as water dropping helicopter. The chopper made numerous drops, ceasing just before 3:00 PM. We believe the fire flared up again near 5:00 PM which brought several trucks to the scene again until well past 6:00 PM.

Much of the adjacent land north of the gulch has been littered with various natural and man made debris for years, which provided much fire fuel, but hot hard work by our firefighters stopped it just before it reached homes on Mali Mali. Note picture of white fence at rear of one home seemingly warped or melted by fire heat.

About two years ago KCA wrote to land owner requesting clean up of this area to no avail. Part of the parcel was sold to mainland developer over year ago, with tentative plans for residential apartment complex.

Following pix made before 3:00 PM when fire area access was restricted.

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