Currently all voters in Maui County select all nine County Council for all areas, rather than each area being able to decide who will be its representative. Thus the voters in large populated areas truly decide for everyone. What changes would you make, and what do you want to protect from change? Here’s your chance to influence what happens. Join with your neighbors on Tuesday, 1/19/10 to share your concerns, and hear from retired economics MCC professor Dick Mayer and RAM’s government affairs director Dave De Leon.

Help our less fortunate residents with a canned food donation for the Maui Food Bank, help our environment with a free reusable cloth grocery bag made of recycled materials, simply by agreeing to use it for groceries, and help our south side by deciding if we are satisfied with the current method of selecting our County Council Representation. Thanks to the County’s Environmental Department for donating the cloth bags for distribution.

Doors open at 6:00 PM to talk story with neighbors before 6:30 PM start.