Aloha County Council Member,

Thank you for your continued efforts to seek community input as you work through Maui’s current fiscal challenges in determining our 2010 budget priorities. We appreciate your continued willingness to work with the Kihei Community Association to ensure that funds allocated to our district are those of ultimate priority to our community. Further, as a community association, we plan on working with you to ensure that even in these difficult times, we can come together and stretch county funds with volunteer labor and private donations to move Kihei closer towards our shared vision of a safe, clean, and sustainable community.

Included in this letter is a list of budget priorities that were put forth by both our membership and Board of Directors. We wanted to make you aware of them and we ask you to strongly consider these priorities when considering the County’s budget for 2010. A copy of these priorities will be posted to our website and is open to continued review and discussion at

Best Regards,

Jon Miller


Kihei Community Association

Environmental Conservation Efforts:

• Continue funding of temporary Maalaea Pump program

• Continue construction of distribution infrastructure for R1 recycled water

• Funding for community garden project in South Maui

Transportation Infrastructure

• Continuing construction of N/S Collector Road and work with KCA to encourage this as a safe route to school for Kihei students

• Work with state on “Kihei Bypass” – a road parallel to the Pi’ilani Highway

• Fund full pedestrian & bicycling transportation plan that will provide a long term plan to construct safe and inviting avenues to move pedestrian traffic

• Develop comprehensive Safe Routes To School Plan so that our children have effective transportation to their learning place.

• Construct roundabout at Liloa and Pi’ikea

Park Improvement Programs:

• Construct Kama’ole Point Pavilion per plans of the Department of Parks and Recreation

• Complete by end of 2009 the construct of the Kalama Park Pedestrian Pathway

• Stay on track to construct South Maui Regional Park Phase 1 this year

• Rebuilding and renovating existing bathroom facilities in South Maui parks, and continue to fund park improvements recommendations contained in the Park Standards Report submitted by Chris Hart and Partners.


• Continue support for the Kihei Youth Center and fund proposed lease improvements to KYC facility this year

• Create free student bus program so that any student with a valid ID will be able to ride the bus for free

• Through whatever means possible, encourage the State to construct a new High School in Kihei