12/14/22  #kihei

Over twenty community members, including three KCA directors, participated in this forum presented by our new district Senator Angus McKelvey and his special guest our , S. Maui State Representative Terez Amato. They each offered an oral presentation outlining numerous issues and concerns that they intend to pursue when the 2023 legislation session commences next month.


2023 State House Rep for So Maui, Terez Amato

They mentioned several long term KCA concerns, as well as more for other segments of the public. One of particular appreciation for us was involving the state government in funding the gulch river crossings of the missing segments of the North South Collector Road, which would be the most expensive segment.  Another is state involvement in flood mitigation in upcountry areas, which is key to gaining some control of our S. Maui “mud floods.” Additionally, the senator advised he has been assigned to Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization’s policy board in 2023. We also note the newly named state Dept. of Transportation director Ed Sniffen will be there as well.

After offering their plans, the floor was open to community input.


















State Senator for South Maui Angus McKelvey who previously served as the West Maui State Rep


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