UPDATE  10/19/13. Parking lot is now open while the roadwork continues. In answer to inqueries we had about “missing” trees, it is our understanding that about 15 Shower trees were removed in the last weeks on Kilohana Drive  as well as  some of the large Monkeypods  from Keaweakapu Beach Parking lot. Suppossed reason is they were atop the water line. We believe there are plans to plant 20 Tecoma trees in that area.  We like the proposed ordinance that requires two trees to replace every one removed.


UPDATE 10/5/13  While the compelete roadway is open this morning, you can see what has been accomplished to date. Unfortunately, while the road is open, the Keawakapu beach north parking area remains shuttered. There are no obvious signs of any modifications to the lot since it’s closure weeks ago.

UPDATE  9/30/13   Start of this project was postponed one week; now to begin on 10/7/13, but not conclude until 11/22/13

What about MY street? That’s the frequent question we hear when we offer a report on county government working to “fix” some aspect of a county road in South Maui.  Well if “your street” is Kilohana Drive,  on the border of South Kihei and Wailea, your time, or at least half of your time, has come, as the DPW has arranged for roadwork  extending mauka from  SKR up to Wailea Alanui Drive beginning on September 30. The work will require closing this portion of the road between  9 /30 and 10/25/ 13 from 7:30 to 5:00 PM  If you know this location,  you know the Keawakapu Beach Parking lot (North) is located here, and yes the parking lot will also be  closed for the duration.  For more information, call 242-9536.