North Kihei neighborhood  residents have asked for help on Ohukai St. for years. Few disjointed, disconnected sidewalks; no bike lanes; speeding vehicles;    kind of the antithesis of walkable-bikeable complete street concepts. A few years back some were able to get the HDOT to change the directional sign on the Pi’ilani Highway which directed southbound traffic for Kihei to turn right makai on Ohukai.. The signage now says Kihei next four rights, which reduced the volume of confused visitor drivers on this completely residential roadway.

Recently the County DPW is reacting to numerous requests for traffic calming, and has been monitoring speed and volume on roadway between SKR and the highway.   Now we are informed by DPW Director David Goode that this portion of Ohukai is part of the next round of speed hump/speed table  construction., and could be installed there before Summer, 2014.  KCA will be asking the Kihei division of MPD for more and stronger enforcement in this area