Once again this Friday morning, Council will make a potential decision on funding for the Kihei gym. If you are concerned, speak up or call or write or do something!

4/3/17 #kihei Unlike the State DOE High School, the lack of a gym in South Maui cannot be blamed on Honolulu – the responsibility rests in the nine-story building in Wailuku. If we just look at the 21st century, we have had three mayors – Kimo 2 years, Charmaine 4 and Alan now over 10 and counting. In his ten years, Mike Victorino told us ten times Kihei should have a gym. South Maui has had four legislators at Council and Riki has been there forever, except for a 2 year required sabbatical. Parks & Rec directors come and go. What they all have in common, individually or collectively: no gym in Kihei.

Each false alarm over nearly two decades increases the expenditure, now proposed at over $21M. Is this for real or will Council imitate Lucy and pull the football away at the last minute?

The item is 17 (164) 1,2 & 3. BEST TO GO TO THE 8TH FLOOR TO TELL THE COUNCIL KIHEI IS OVERDUE. No can this Friday (4/7) at 9:00 AM—- send an email to county.clerk@mauicounty.us

No more Charlie Brown, flat on back, going arggggg! Now is the time to score for Kihei’s keiki. Yes to Kihei gym!