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A full house is not an accurate description for this meeting in the Council Chamber, but there were over fifty as meeting began this morning (6/27/16), and it continued growing

The Maui County Charter (shown on this website) was the sole item, but in eleven ways, as potential amendments for the November ballot were proposed.

Shortly after 9:00 AM the Council’s Policy Committee hearing began accepting testimony on these items for potential inclusion of the November ballot, and the time crunch for decisions on all to allow the legal requirement for full Council to have two announced meetings brought out a lot of testifiers.

In our opinion the hot button one was the governance issue (PIA 16-10) to give voters the ability to decide on how we are governed, as this item received by far the most comment, but each of the other ten are certainly important too, and KCA expressed a very brief opinion on each. Our position remained consistent; LET THE VOTERS DECIDE- PLACE IT ON THE NOV 8 BALLOT. We advised the Council members, you accepted your positions because the public chose you by voting. If their opinion was the sole decision for who sits in these chairs, how could you do anything but allow them to make these decisions.

The meeting was scheduled for all day with good reason and result at the lunch break were deliberations on all matters would not begin until after 1:30 PM. SEE agenda for list of all items:


The initial entity 10(13) was quickly dispensed and filed, before addressing 10(16) County Manager heavy duty discussion began, and that continued for about four hours . Somewhere around 5:30 PM the meeting was recessed until Wednesday, leaving us wondering what will they conclude in the next three hours???