The convoluted County budget process has already begun. For So Maui is was supposed to begin over two weeks ago, but meeting was canceled due to potential Tsunami, but it is now set for Monday 10/19/ 15 at 5:30 PM at the Community Center.

Ever hear guys saying what the County should be doing in our area? Well if it requires spending money, this is where it all begins, at the Administration’s regional public budget meetings for FY 2017, which takes effect 7/1/16. Yes that IS eight months away, but first step is to present to the appropriate department leader (DPW for a road improvement; Parks & Recreation for park improvements or street trees; Environmental Management for trash and wastewater, etc) This is how you get it in the Mayor’s proposed budget, which he will deliver to Council next year. If something is in the Mayor’s budget, does that assure that the Council will include it? No, but overall your chances are better if it is contained than if it is not.

Tables will be set up to allow directors and staff from each County department to meet with members of the public, hear budget-related needs, listen to concerns and answer questions about the various County-related issues. Attendees will be given a form upon arrival at the meeting to determine their needs, and which department(s) their comments pertain to.

So if you have a matter you think County should be working on this time next year in our community, get your ask out to the department on the 19th.