IMG_3243Seems like ever since this DPW project has progressed through the various committees and commissions, we’ve heard community objections to “another traffic light on SKR!” So now constructions is about to begin (predicted next Monday, 4/18/16), so before the input begins, what they are constructing is a street light, which lights up the intersection, not a traffic signal that ties up the traffic. Yes there were a few objections to the placement sight of the street light on a raised traffic island, but for most guys, when they realize it is NOT a traffic light, they feel it is good to go. Regardless be ready from slowdowns for a few weeks in the area.

At the same time, road striping work will take place in the vicinity of Kamali’i School at Alanu Ke Ali’i and Kanakanui Rd.

You can call (808) 841-8883IMG_3245IMG_3244