7/10/17 UPDATE ON PI’ILANI PROMENADE, AKA MEGAMALL.  The State Land Use Commission hearing on this proposed project will be next  Wednesday, July 19 with tentative commencement of 2:00 PM at the MACC, Morgada Hall. This is immediate info so not yet indicated on the LUC website  SEE http://luc.hawaii.gov/pending-petitions-2/motions/a94-706-kauonoulu-ranch/   but there is a ton of information contained here

7/9/17  We have an error  on section for Maui Lu It is not Hyatt, But HILTON time share project. Those who want more detail on that development, SEE    https://gokihei.org/development-project-review/whats-new-maui-lu-kca-has-some-answers-in-2015  .

For those asking where is “affordable housing for locals” did you read the section on Kenolio Apartments??? 

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Sometimes it can become an almost continuous inquiry. With public announcements on many issues and items being released, status of some projects seem to have gone silent, so our members and other guys in the community turn to KCA.

One south Maui guy voiced an honest opinion: I don’t always agree with you, but when trying to find out what is happening here, your Website is my first source for information. We think that was a compliment.

Moving on:

What happened to the Hyatt time share project at the old Maui Lu location? I thought that construction was starting January 2016.

Well so did we. Then we were advised January 2017. The information we have is that the original financing for the project dissolved for unknown reasons. New financing is now in place so construction is expected before the end of 2017. So we will all wait and see.

What we really need on Maui is housing; mostly “affordable” housing, primarily affordable rentals. What happened to the Kenolio Apartments at the corner of Kenolio and Kaonoulu in North Kihei?

Our understanding is they plan to break ground in 2018, possibly the first quarter.

It has been a decade or so since we heard at KCA about the Downtown Kihei project from Krausz located along both sides of Pi’ikea. We heard of changes from a live/work progressive concept to commercial with a hotel and a deluxe ultra theater.

KCA has continued to have excellent communication with Krausz over many years, and our understanding is “phase 1” on the North side of Pi’ikea is expected to break ground in 2018, also possibly first quarter. A high-end theater is still in the plans, but perhaps a bit less plush. We noted signage by Colliers along Pi’ikea last month.

Everybody has a community gym but Kihei. KCA said it was approved for construction in the community park. Now what?

The County Council approved the funding, the job was posted for bidding and the contract awarded. So it should have commenced by now. We keep waiting for a “bells and whistles” ground breaking announcement from the administration. Not yet.

Makena Resort: So ultra condos going up and hotel coming down? EIS and EA? Going to court?

The Planning Commission (MCPC) had a contentious meeting ending with split decisions, challenged by lawsuits, court postponement and rescheduling, reflected in deferred MCPC decisions. Whew. Word we have is yesterday’s court hearing was canceled and this Tuesday’s (7/11/17) MCPC meeting is on.

“Da high school?” Ten years, twenty years, thirty years we wait for the Department of Education high school in Kihei. WOW, groundbreaking 1/11/16! The sign went up. Now what?

Yes, community frustration continues with the gross bureaucracy of the State Department of Education. Yes, the ground was ceremoniously broken in the celebration and the blessing. Then some wells were dug somewhere up the dirt road. True construction? Who knows, maybe 2019?

Ah yes, the Pi’ilani Promenade AKA the mega mall.

Well we do know after the announced State Land Use Commission (LUC) hearing on May 18 was canceled, the final required EIS was released at the end of last month, which sets the scene for a rescheduled LUC meeting this year, with indications that it could be NEXT WEDNESDAY JULY 19, 2017. No action can be taken by Sarofim until after the hearing. So we all await final word from the LUC for the next step. Meanwhile, KCA says “build homes, not malls!”

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