What is happening on SKR makai in North Kihei?

JAN 23, 2017  
Most of last week and continuing today, we see traffic backed up northbound on South Kihei Road at Ohukai, and southbound almost to North Kihei Road with the single lane alternating traffic flow all day long. It is caused by road work on makai side in the area of Kenolio park. As we have been unable to find any media or government website announcement, we’re guessing that it is to shore up that portion of the road which has been progressively undercut by the kai.

If that is the case, several days of inconvenience sure beats a road closure. Any input is appreciated

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2 Responses to “What is happening on SKR makai in North Kihei?”

  1. Tom & Marion Dozier February 2, 2017 at 11:37 am

    No comment regarding this project . However, we are astonished to read in today’s Maui newspaper that The “elusive Roz Baker will have a meeting to discuss the “PROGRESS” of our lond awaited Kihei High School! We have been fighting for this almost as soon as we moved to Hawaii- Kihei in 1989! So now we are to hear where the building will be started. We have said all along that the children entering first grade each year will be lucky to be alive when the school is open and ready for their grandchildren. Tom and Marion Dozier

  2. Mahalo. Of note this website had the announcement of Senator Baker’s Saturday morning public meeting two days before the Maui News. Additionally, the KCA Jan 17 general membership meeting had the latest on KHS updates by our own director, Andrew Beerer, as the official groundbreaking on the KHS was over a year ago