2/27/23 #kihei

Over a decade ago Maui’s then mayor was a guest at a KCA general membership meeting. One of our members asked him how residents were expected to dispose of hazardous materials. He seemed taken aback, thinking this was an industrial issue or at least a commercial matter, not for homeowners. The tenacious member pressed him, giving examples of easily accumulated materials that should not end up in the landfill. Thus began the periodic (now annual) hazmat collection on Maui.

Why address this now? Two upcoming events in March.

1. Our March 21 LIVE IN PERSON general membership meeting has our newly elected Mayor, Richard Bissen, Jr. and the S. Maui district council member, Tom Cook.

2. The annual household hazmat waste collection is set for March 26, by appointment only, and cut off day to do so is March 17. Call (808) 695-2999 and offer your list of items and how many and you will be advised of the location, very likely at the landfill.