7/8/17- Sidewalk cleared  sign still down.  

7/1/17 #kihei
We are unclear just what happened here or how to get this rectified, but take a look. This short stretch of sidewalk on the South side of Pi’ikea just makai of the roundabout is blocked in a few places by displaced bushes. Also the Colliers Realty sign for the long awaited Downtown Kihei project is flattened & thrown back into the overgrowth.

We did leave a phone message at Colliers about their sign . We believe the County Parks Department maintains the roundabout landscaping, but they have not been returning our phone calls.

We saw no evidence that a vehicle left the road taking out the bushes and barreling into the sign (no tire tracks nor displaced earth). Could someone have purposely vandalized this area? Have you heard anything?