6/24/17 Ask & you shall receive. The purple pipes have arrived

UPDATE 6/21/17   Alpha continues the R-1 water line project. County DPW is exploring the work in the river gulch area as KCA files as RFS.

ANOTHER UPDATE 6/17/17    #kihei We get more questions but have few answers about what is occurring in this “out of sight” (for most) area. What is clear is Alpha’s contracted work for the county to install the R-1 recycled water lines on Kulanihakoi St and permitted use of the Church’s vacant lot (mauka Kenolio) to store their trucks & equipment when not in use. All good; great communications.

Unclear is who & why the concrete chunks & soil dumped on north edge of gulch at NSCR corridor; who & why the NSCR path was blocked  (now opened)  on each side of the river gulch; who & why was equipment working in the gulch; who & why vehicle parked on path about 1/8 mike north of gulch this morning.

Clear is County administration has been advised many time of all activity at the location; that they did a site visit past April. Unclear what is being done.

So we just continue to document the outcomes on occasion Stay tuned.


UPDATE  6/13/17  This work is in no way related to Alpha’s county contracted permitted work , but we do not know who is doing this? We reported it to the County DPW on Monday (holiday ) 6/12/17.

6/10/17 #kihei
So there is an installation of R-1 recycled water lines to continue up from where they terminate now on Kulanihakoi St. to the Pi’ilani Highway. The firm who has the county contract to do the work, Alpha, was very helpful in explaining the process. The roadway is marked showing where the line will run, and where laterals will be set. It is apparent that they will be using the Seventh Day Adventist Church land on Kenolio, probably as a base yard.

But what else is going on on the other side of the gulch, makai of the “people’s path”, the North-South Connector Road corridor. Why has the path been blocked with earthen berms on the North side and a felled kiawe tree on the South? And what is being done with the heavy equipment? Is this in anyway related to Alpha’s R-1 waterline project, although that seems implausible? Is it somehow related to the huge concrete blocks stacked up in the area the past two months? 

We have no answer, and are asking if you do?