6/22/17 #kihei This morning we submitted testimony to the Maui Metropolitan Policy Organization (MPO) board on two items, both of which focused on the West side. Huh? Well the agenda identified them as West Maui, but our intent was to relate them both to the South side.

Item IV, d. addressed the first meeting of the West Maui Transportation Working Group, as we posed that we need a comparable South Maui Group for our transportation needs. Our intent is we do not want our area to end up in the dire situation we see on that side. We received support from South Maui Council and MPO board member Kelly King for formation of such a group.

Item IV, f was a presentation by national walkabilty expert Mark Fenton of a Lahaina Walk Audit Presentation. We advised the members that about eight years ago he did a similar action for S Maui, primarily Kihei, and then last year for Central Maui, In our opinion too few of his concepts came to fruition in Kihei, so we suggested that our frustration should be avoided in Lahaina . Further we asked that what he offered back then could now be reevaluated. Once again Member King spoke in support of this revisit.

Mr Fenton’s presentation was viewed by the present board members and concerned community members in the Planning room, including several department long term planners, and we believe the dynamic Fenton held everyone’s rapt attention.

We have included several slides, but the entire program will be available on the MPO’s website mauimpo.org.