4/13/2021 #Kihei

Over five years ago the intersection of Ohukai and Pi’ilani Highway was modified to facilitate increased vehicle traffic volume.  

SEE  https://gokihei.org/environment/no-sidewalks-for-kiheis-school-kids     and

County Planning Commission again examined the Ohukai/P Hwy traffic project

We never did get the sidewalks requested but some (on makai side) will be coming probably next year with construction of the Kaiola affordable housing project, but it remains a hazardous intersection for pedestrians getting from one side of Ohukai to the other.

Today we once again see a crew working in the intersection repairing or replacing traffic signals which happens frequently, and  are unsure why this happens here so often. One factor –the more signal lights you have at an intersection, the more maintenance you will need.  Wonder how much that costs in parts and labor?