UPDATE  6/23/22  Over two years later we continue to see more of the same. Is the DOHCAB aware? Are they monitoring several days each month all this dust blowing into Maalaea and North Kihei?  Is there  any analysis of what is contained within?Is Mahi Pono still using paraquat?


UPDATE  3/25/20  As we looked back almost eight years ago at these records of what the State Dept of Health, Clean Air Branch (DOH-CAB) calls fugitive dust inundating Maalaea Bay, this environmental concern dissolved with the close of the sugar cane plantation. DOHCAB had cited H C & S for this air quality violation, and we recall the road signs warning of reduced visibility on the (then) Mukulele Hwy and No Kihei Rd when the trades were blowing becoming a distant memory.

But now in 2020 we see it is back!









and who knows what is contained ien that dust this time??  Far as we know Mahi Pono has not addresses inquiries about use of paraquat and other dangerous chemicals when winds were blowing strong today

We all know how a variety of actions by mankind have devastated the coral reef system all around Maui, which greatly affects the sustenance of our near shore ocean waters. For much of the day today (7/7/12), Maalaea Bay was inundated with this brown mass blowing onto the kai, which makes us wonder why the reef at Maalaea is not totally gone.

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