Once again the KCA Design Review Committee met with the representatives of Spencer Development on their renewed and modified attempt to find a satisfactory residential project mauka of the Honoapi’ilani Highway in Maalaea near the North Kihei Road (NKR) intersection.

Last Thursday (3/19/15) morning the personable pair of Doug Spenser and Vince Bogoyo presented the latest revision which would include a total of 116 homes (each able to have a separate Ohana on the property), which would include 37 affordable homes. They described it as a “self sustainable project,” since it would not require any County infrastructure nor eclectic from the public utility company.

Their stated intent is to preserve the 80 acre land along the edge of the highway as open space, by enticing the County to purchase it and preserve it. The housing project would then be behind this open space.

While we did review this latest version via our KCA scorecard- see https://www.gokihei.org/wp-content/uploads/KIHEI-SCORECARD-2014-05-15.pdf we are awaiting more data from them to clarify some unscored portions of this smart growth tool.

Spencer is now proceeding with the Environmental Assessment (EA) procedure.

For some history of the project, see: https://gokihei.org/?s=Spencer%2C+Maalaea&submit=Search .


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