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So you though this was all finally settled, and KHS would commence admitting the first students in 2016? Not so fast, Brah.  Maybe not, Sista.


Let’s hear what the Hawaii Board of Education can advise this Tuesday (9/16), along with our regional state legislators. KCA director Andew Beerer has worked tirelessly for this school using “Kihei High School Action Team (KHAT)” to organize everyone involved to keep this effort going forward for several years, and Tuesday evening he will participate in a forum to give the community a clear picture of the status

Do we have the proclaimed necessary funding of $130 K or not?

What about the State Land Use Commission’s (LUC) imposed condition of a pedestrian/bicycle over or underpass of the Pi’ilani highway at or near Kulanihakoi?

What actions can concerned residents take to facilitate getting this much needed high school built ?

What is status of Walkable Livable Communities Institute’s  (Dan Burden) traffic study commissioned by the HDOE?

These and other (yours?) questions will be asked of the panel so we all go home with a better understanding.

You know the meeting kicks off at 6:30 PM on the “third Tuesday of the month,” or Sept 16 at 41 E Lipoa in the Kihei Charter Middle School. So be there to hear Nick Nichols, HDOE Planner; HDOE  consultant Christine Ruotola, the representative liaison from Group 70, as well as our State Legislators Sen Roz Baker and Representative Kaniela Ing .

Last month was our largest Maui Food Bank Collection for 2014 (so far), but we can do better in September if you contribute just a bit more. Please insure your membership is current with our welcome team inside the front door. You still are not a member?!? Whacha waitin’ for?

And pick up a simple questionnaire at that same location, so we can keep track of who’s who and what’s what. Then vote for the nominating committee to begin the process for formulating  a list of candidates for our 2015 board. Remember, directors terms are a single year and all serve with zero compensation, but the intrinsic  reward of improving the quality of life in South Maui.