This Tuesday’s meeting will focus of the Ka’ono’ulu area of No Kihei. What do you think of at the name Ka’ono’ulu?

The Ka’ono’ulu Estates? although none of these homes are located on Kaonoulu Street. In fact, no individual houses are on it, only the apartments across from the Maui Lu Resort, & even their address is not Ka’ono’ulu St.




How about that street itself with the 20 MPH speed limit, but engineered to induce driving double that as a very wide and wide open street with not a traffic calming device anywhere. Certainly wide enough for a parallel bike path, and complete sidewalks, but neither are present. Don’t we really want complete streets?




How about Ka’ono’ulu Ahupua’a- mountain top to the sea- and the wild stormwater runoff turning the near shore waters brown? See and


The Maui Lu Resort itself at the kai end of street with announced expansion to double capacity?

Have you noticed the newer land owners, Pacific West Communities, (PWC), of the SW corner of Kaonoulu and the highway worked to make appearance appreciatively better, as countless truck loads of debris has been hauled away, after KCA made a single request. Presently, PWC is schedule to go before the MC Planning Commission for an environmental assessment (EA),for the Kenolio Apartments project, an affordable complex composed of 186 units housing over 500 residents in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, and public comment deadline is Sept. 8, 2014.


IMG_8680 IMG_8682


Or is your thought the Pi’ilani Promenade, aka, MegaMalls, directly across the highway? Or something else?



Well, you’ll hear about almost all of these segments beginning at 6:30 PM at 41 E. Lipoa in some detail, and after KCA announcements with manini mention of a few items, we start with the founder of South Maui Citizens for Responsible Growth, Mark Hyde addressing the Pi’ilani Promenade status to date. You may recall the proclaimed owners, Sarofim Realty Advisors of Dallas, TX were asked to offer a written update which was read at our meeting, & is posted on this website see- The remainder of the meeting will offer a historical update of the entire Kaonoulu area by Lucienne de Naie and Kamu Michael Lee.

So you know it is the third Tuesday of the month, 8/19 at 6:30 PM at the Kihei Charter Middle School, 41 E Lipoa, and you are welcome at 6 PM to snack and chat, and help us set up the room, you are bringing a few cans for the Maui Food Bank, and if you are not yet a member are considering joining & you sure want to hear what is happening in your community, right? Guess we’ll see you Tuesday. Mahalo.