UPDATE 1/1/15   While this report had been advising the good (if long deayed) news that a sement of the disjointed NSCR was bening built, even if it had NO sidewalks, yesterday we saw the devistation to our near shore waters by an explosive “mud flood” from the sight, first reported by communty member at the Kihei Kai Nani Condo project( located just makai of the construction,) Bette Belanger-Mahalo Bette. Apparently a water main was damaged and the video results can be seen at http://youtu.be/JcCsFo5QFT0, which reportedly closed two of the beach parks as the mud flowed, and disrupted water service to several business and restaurants on New Years Eve.  IMG_9903 IMG_9907 IMG_9901 IMG_9906








UPDATE 12/25/14    Back for an update 45 days later, only observing from the north side,approaching  from Alanui Ke Ali’i


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11/10/14  In response to several community inquiries, KCA reached out to Department of Public Works (DPW) Director David Goode to ascertain authoritative information about proposed construction of a segment of the North- South Collector Road in the area between Keonakai and Alanui Ke Ali’i. KCA offers our sincere appreciation to the Director for a prompt offering of this requested information.

After several years of delays and postponements for a variety of reasons, this segment is being constructed by Towne Development as a condition of their nearby residential project. The segment under construction extends from the current terminus of the road at Moana Ave., makai of Moana Estates, to Keonekai. The road will then be through from Keonekai to Alanui ke Ali’i. The road will be two vehicle lanes plus four foot bike lanes along each side, but no sidewalks These would have to be added at some future time, either as a county project or by conditions on future development. The exception is some sidewalk segment will be built on the makai side at the Keonekai intersection, mauka of the Maui Banyan..

A culvert which bisects this roadway will be transited by a ford crossing, with a potential bridge structure some time in the future.

While we are stoked each time a new segment of this decades old proposal for a “residents greenway” across Kihei is constructed, we continue to envision new additions to reflect the captivating greenway extending makai of Liloa between Waipuilani and Lipoa, and in next year or two to the regional park just south of the schools. But when we see bike lanes not separated from motor vehicles except by a painted line, and absence of sidewalks, we question the fortitude of the oft verbalized walkable-bikeable community by our elected officials. KCA continues to push for complete streets, a walkable/bikeable community, pedestrian safety for keiki and kupuna, safe routes to school, etc.

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