IMG_9886That was one of the suggestions to our inquiries if Maui households were experiencing unexplainable “false alarms” from their home’s battery powered smoke alarm on or around Christmas. Have you had such an experience in past few days.

For reasons (so far) unknown, some household detectors are sounding when there is no physical cause. Replacing the battery has little to no effect. There have been reports in South and Central Maui.

Other suggested potential causes for this action include:

* Combining sealed up homes due to much recent rain and chilly weather, combined with unusual amount of holiday cooking and baking ( and some heating) set off alarms;

* Excessive vog;

* Dampness affecting contacts in alarms;

* Excessive airborne chemicals;

* Seasonal influx of celebrities cause excessive hot air- this was discounted, as nothing occurred in height of elections;

  • Batch of “bad” batteries sold locally;
  • Hoax We discounted this as we have first hand knowledge of the character of some of those affected;

Thus we reach out to you to see if you or someone you know has been affected, as we continue monitoring the situation. Please add a comment to this post, if you can contribute.

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